Terms of service for the participation in celo-online (www.celo-online.de), amended on 10-24-2014

    Apontis GmbH offers an open-access platform for training advice, with celo-online.de. Celo-online offers users the possibility to exactly define their knowledge, skills, qualifications and advanced training, by means of a comprehensive set of prepared job profiles, qualifications and competence requirements for specific occupations, and to determine individual training recommendations. Free registration is required for the use of the platform. The user agrees to the storage of their email address. The users are aware that, with the help of celo-online, personal information is processed, which is protected by the data protection law. Celo-online complies with data protection regulations. Any use of the data saved in celo-online, for purposes other than the intended operation of celo-online, is prohibited. Every user receives a unique password. The management of passwords is up to the user. Passwords can be changed by all users independently. The user is responsible for ensuring that they handle their passwords confidentially and secure against unauthorized access by third parties. If the user suspects that their password has become known by a third party, or that a third party has unauthorized access, the user is required to change the password immediately and immediately inform Apontis GmbH in writing. Entering required information from celo-online (ex. professional training) is the responsibility of the user. The user is prohibited from misusing the contact form or contact addresses (from course providers and course information) for spreading commercial advertising, in any form. This especially includes the multiple distribution of URLs to commercial sites. With their registration, the user recognizes that, with the verifiable violation of this advertising ban, damages can be claimed. User access to celo-online is only allowed by the popular Internet browsers and in the context of the intended functionality. Automatic access and analyses are prohibited, without the prior written consent of Apontis GmbH. The user may not use software or other technical devices that changes, extends or endangers the functionality of celo-online. If Apontis GmbH has concrete evidence that a user uses celo-online in an illegal way or that a third party uses a user's access without authority, Apontis GmbH is entitled to block access until the resolution of the dispute. Apontis GmbH reserves the right to take legal action. The user can delete their account at any time and independently of the online platform. The individual items of these terms of use are severable from each other: In the event that any provision of these conditions are considered invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain valid. The user guarantees that celo-online will only be used, in accordance with these terms of service and the statutory provisions. For course providers, that are accredited by the education server, additional terms and conditions are used, which are regulated by the terms of services for the participation in the education server. Course providers are responsible for the content contained in their published information in accordance with the terms and conditions for participation in the education server. https://www.fortbildung-bw.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Nutzungsbedingungen_20160824.pdfApontis GmbH can not undertake complete control of all data and celo-online.de. Apontis GmbH is not liable for general information and activities from users of the offer.